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Magnitude Capital

New York, NY
25,000 sqft

Collaboration with Spector Group at 200 Park Ave with Teknion Optos Glass Walls

Steel Equities

Bethpage, NY
22,000 sqft

Collaboration with TPG for Steel Equities Corporate Headquarters with Teknion Leverage, Expansion Casegoods, Bernhardt, and Tuohy


Melville, NY
80,000+ sqft

New Corporate Headquarters - Teknion District, Teknion Expansion Casegoods, Sit On It Seating

NPD Group -NYC

New York, NY
11,500 sqft

Together with Ascot Design Group, and The Kent Architectural Collaborative, Officeworx completed a 17th floor renovation and penthouse conversion featuring Teknion Interpret, and Casegoods, with seating from Jack Cartwright and Sit On It

NPD Group – Port Washington

Port Washington, NY
11,000+ sqft

Current renovations of corporate headquarters with Ascot Design Group, and The Kent Architectural Collaborative